Pros & Cons of travelling by car vs any other

There are many pros and cons when travelling by car and these should be considered when deciding on the type of transport you will be using.


Travelling with your own car means you can travel where you want without having to arrange and pay for further transport from a train station, airport or bus stop to your final destination. You can also make any stops if needed and most importantly you can travel at a time that suits you especially if the public transport timetables do not suit your schedule.

Easy Transportation of Goods
If you are travelling with goods, perhaps your shopping, or suitcase if you are going on a holiday it is easier to transport these in your car rather than using public transport which is not secure and is short of storage space.

Public transport is known for lots of delays and even cancellations which could disrupt your journey, leave you stranded or result in you running late for your own appointments or arrangements.


The cost of running a car is increasing, especially with the cost of fuel constantly rising. This con however can be negated by car pooling, or choosing a car with a high miles per gallon rate and avoiding driving techniques which promote excessive fuel use which will reduce your fuel bills.

Environmental Impact
Those who are concerned about the environment may feel that lots of journeys by car along routes where public transport is available is costing the environment unnecessarily. You can help this by walking for short distances when available, using an environmentally friendly car and sharing your car with others travelling to the same place as an alternative to public transport.

The high levels of car users on the road, especially during rush hour can lead to lots of congestion, traffic jams and a lack of parking spaces. These factors will all increase your journey time and may lead to high parking charges. When using public transport such as a train or bus you do not need to worry about any parking, there are no traffic jams on the railways and bus lanes make it easier for buses to get through busy city centres.

This maybe a surprising con for some but compared to air and rail travel, cars are often the slow and expensive option! If you are making a long distance journey you should look into the time and money savings you could make on a plane or train compared to a car.