Most popular forms of trasport

The most popular forms of transport we all use tend to be those that offer some of the best benefits and take consideration of the important factors we use when planning a journey.

The main and most favoured transport option; cars are seen as the go to option for many although the number of cars actively used for short journeys appears to be decreasing due to the increasing costs of running a car. Even with rising fuel bills and insurance, there are still millions of cars on the road. The main advantage of the car is pure convenience and this is often worth paying the extra running costs! Cars are ideal on short trips where you need to transport lots of objects such as shopping or on long trips if you have a lot of luggage.

One of the most popular forms of public transport for short journeys is the bus. Buses are cheap, simple to use and often have routes which cover most roads, especially shopping centres, work places and the outskirts of residential areas, with frequent stops making it possible to get very close to your destination with minimal walking. This however, does have a downside; the constant stopping of the bus to load and unload passengers will most probably increase your journey time. If you are a frequent bus user you can save even more money using a weekly or monthly pass.

The third most popular form of transport is the train. This is a popular form of transport for both long and short journeys. On short journeys trains tend to run on slower, local lines, with a stop in each town. On longer journeys the trains are bigger, faster and the stops are only at some stations on the mainline. The lack of stops means the trains can run quicker but may not take you exactly where you need to be, this might mean some train changes or finishing your journey with another method of transport. Season tickets are available, along with special rail cards for huge discounts and special offers on a range of tickets which makes train travel even more affordable and significantly cheaper than it would be running a car.

Although travelling by trains and buses can work out significantly cheaper when tickets are purchased in advance many people prefer the convenience of using their own private transport.