Forms of UK Trasport

In the UK there are various forms of transport; the method of transport we use tends to be decided by first choosing public or private? After this initial decision there are further choices to be made.

The choice of public transport includes trains, buses, coaches, aeroplanes, tubes, trams.

Private transport forms can include car, bicycle, motorcycle, or scooter.

There are in between options such as car pools that are popular options for commuters with friends living and working in the same area. This gives you the convenience of a car and avoiding the many disadvantages of public transport but the ability to split costs between all the passengers and save money, which in this current climate, especially with high fuel prices, is an essential!

This scheme has proven successful in one particular town in the UK - Liverpool. A large group of employes in Liverpool have been travelling to their Liverpool Jobs via a car pooling scheme, and have proven to not only save them time, but also a considerable amount of money per week. To give a real world example of this, a single car transporting 4 people to their jobs in Liverpool town centre, has reduced their transport costs by over 75% each.

Factors which influence the decision regarding the form of transport we use tend to be cost, convenience and length of journey. Although some forms of transport can be cheaper than others many of us will actually choose the more convenient option for a variety of reasons, depending on your reason for travelling.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to all the popular forms of transport, but an advantage in one city can be a disadvantage in another. For example in some areas such as the city centre of London it can be so expensive to park in the limited spaces available, when this is combined with the congestion charge you quickly look towards the cheaper public transport options and leave the car behind.

Many people now are making environmental considerations when planning their trip and the type of transport they will use. Usually the most environmentally friendly type of transport is the cheapest so this benefits your own finances as well as the earth!

Subsidised public transport and park and ride schemes are quickly increasing in popularity as they mix the convenience of using a car with the low cost of using public transport. These are most popular on the outskirts of many busy city centres. Schemes such as these involve travelling to the nearest central parking point which is usually attached to a bus stop or train station. You then take the public transport straight into the city bypassing traffic jams, toll fees and expensive city centre parking costs.

For long journeys aeroplanes, coaches, trains and car are the most popular options with flights within the UK becoming an increasingly prevalent option. This is due to low cost airlines, discounts when buying in advance and the speed, being the fastest way to travel to many destinations.

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